Saturday, March 3, 2012

Steve Jobs & hidden phreaking tools in any Iphone

As I was mention in this blog, Steve Jobs has a record in phreaking

Since that, I got an idea that maybe he hide a back door for modern phone hacking or just for fun

Next step was to play with an option which is mostly an unknown, it's called "pause" or "wait" by that you can get two options:

Dialing preloaded numbers and tones (like * or #) after that you don't needs to remember the extensions number anytime you call

The second options is to dial a new preloaded  number in one click  during the call

You can play with it while adding new contact, or edit one, click on the number and then one click on +*# after it you gonna see the pause and the wait _as well as * +# after that its all about your knowledge


After using it for around month I realized that something is missing, there is more than normal uses, there is always another side to the coin.

I didn't believe that Steve Jobes will do something so close to phreaking without making new tool, new era.

So I start to think
 Thinking and thinking and then I got the idea,which was  a bit shocking
 If  I can change the signal of the phone to be as defult (and not by application) a blue box machine  I can play with the phone much more then now..

So I did it

For one week my phone was a blue box rider, with no needs for any application

 I really think that Steve Jobs is one of the greatest people I never met

My phone can send DTMF, 2600mhz blue box or even play a song as defult 

For extra knowledge you can visit here: