Friday, August 17, 2012

Accelerators button - hacking into Internet kiosk with IE

While looking at Internet kiosk we can find many ways to hack into it, I would like to share what I've found about the Accelerators button.

First, we needs to understand that while we gets into full control of the Internet or computer kiosk, many times we can take control on many places in the whole system. (and those systems made to be used by the crowds so this is high risk)

As I've realized there are Internet and consumer service kiosks based on Internet Explorer interface.
This days many of them are using touch screens.

Unlike smart-phones, most of us used to touch this kind screens just by typing with our fingers,that what we where told.
I'm wondering why.

Now, back to Internet explorer,there is something called Accelerator,and since it's not so known it's can be forgotten while securing computer kiosk with interface build in with Internet Explorer.

If you go into your IE in your laptop/computer you can see that using the right click the Accelerator,but how can you do so with touch screen in Computer kiosk?

I've realized that the answer is not to type but to grope, as strange it's looks doing so will show out this blue magic symbol, and now you step foreword.

I will share one way from here:

You might type on the Accelerators symbol, now go to learn more about Accelerator,Options,Internet options,Browsing history,Setting,View files...

So now we needs full control,and full virtual keyboard will do the job
Here is the location: C:\windows\system32 now double click on OSK and you done step two.

Please don't use it to hack, this information is only for making secure systems