Sunday, October 19, 2014

Obama's Credit Card information wasn't exposed during his visit in the restaurant - it was a lie

Showing the world your credit card numbers, it's not a smart move,when you try to avoid identity thief.

Telling the world (or the Americans) that's your credit card have been blocked,and then showing it,make you double naive.

Obama should cancel his card immediately,to avoid identity problem.
Actually,I believe he have no  insurance for any bad used of his card...

"Obama reveals his credit card number as he pays at Texas restaurant"

"President Obama Says Credit Card Was Declined - The New York Times"

After double check, and attempt to but the original picture, I can confirm  that's the information of Obama's credit card, are secure.

It's impossible to get the original number. :) 

The original picture can be bought from here.
Item ID: Was8818387

"כרטיס האשראי של אובמה נדחה במסעדה בחשד להונאה"

"ביום שישי חתם נשיא ארה"ב על צו נשיאותי המורה על חיזוק האבטחה של כרטיסי האשראי הפדרליים ומערכות תשלומים ממשלתיות"

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