Saturday, December 12, 2015

426 Net-Security / ICSfind Another academic tool aim to hunt for ICS&SCADA

ICSfind ( ) Is A new search engine, which aim to detect exposed ICS (Industrial control system) arrived to the playground, but now it's coming from the academic world China.
Since 2009, we had Shodan (created by JohnMatherly) as an ultimate tool to find critical infrastructure.
This October a new competitor Launched his activity in the west, Censys. Straight from the academic world (University of Michigan and University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign)  lead by ZakirDurumeric and based on ZMap. And now many people are seeing it as the alternative for commercial search engine Shodan, Not anymore a new player arrived, and was there silently since this October.
Yesterday I've found new tool Created in NortheasternUniversity-China, By Professor Yu Yau and his students. The tool called 426Net-Security or ICSfind. 
This  dedicated for ICS/SCADA, I really liked the UI and the simplicity. It's not a perfect tool but I think this is just the beginning. By the way here is no needs for registration, or limitation of uses.
I'm still checking it, and I would like to hear more opinion about it. The tool has only Chinese interface but it's really easy to use.
in my opinion having two new tools in one month, it's the best gift to get for the new year. 
About the change in the academic world, after years of being far away from the field and having academic paper which don't give direct help, or blocked from the public with payment system, or just great tools which never been out of the academic world - those changes makes me really happy.

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