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The Israeli WikiLeaks - In the name of the Movement for Freedom of Information, your privacy will be lost

The Israeli Movement for Freedom of Information,exposed again private and sensitive data, of many private and public personal this included phone numbers and more sensitive data.

To be clear, I blame the minister offices,who gave them the files.
I blame the NGO - Movement for Freedom of Information who publish it - as is.
I blame as well any information security and legal advisory who didn't edit the private information in the files. 

The exposed took place during usual act of  sharing with the public, information which was hidden until now.

In the 2th of Nov. 2014 just couple of days ago,the NGO exposed data of up to 85 mental ill people,who were mention in a list,given them by the ministry of health.
Unlike the ministry health,who took responsibility,and apologized, the NGO answer the the issue was  (Calcalis) blaming only the ministry of health. they didn't said anything about the fact that's they published online information of people against the privacy of them.

"והיה גם המקרה המוזר של משרד הבריאות, שהעביר לנו רשימת ספקים שכללה בין השאר גם שמות של חוסים ופגועי נפש שהוא מעביר להם תשלומים. הסבנו את תשומת לבו של משרד הבריאות לעניין וביקשנו לקבל רשימה מעודכנת (המגנה גם על צינעת הפרט). משרד הבריאות טרם שלח רשימה מעודכנת."

Really ?


They said: "We asked the ministers to their appointment calendar for 2013. Despite the directive of the Attorney General determined that this information should be published - only 14 ministers from the 23 we gave them, and they partially. And these are the names of ministers who have not shared the public in their path: Gideon Sa'ar Yuval Steinitz and Israel Katz. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ignored our request" (Google translate from Hebrew)

Well,they did published many dairies which is good,but many information related to private people, phone numbers and much more has been published as well.

The NGO used to blame anyone who send him info,and said "we don't touch it" but saying that's you don't take any responsibility on information which is giving you by others, doesn’t put you with clear hand.

I really like what they do,but I'm sure everyone who want to publish information about elected officials,or government ministry ,should see if more people will be in the line of exposure.

I don't accept the answer of "We publish as is".

This story can't be understood ,without knowing that's now days,there is a very cool project in Israel which called "100 days of Transparency" founded by Tomer Avital.

This different project had a significant success,by getting crowd funding of 159,151 ILS from 1473 Backers,as well as making people in the parliament,looking around to see if there is a private investigator

Having this kind of activity,can be really good,as long as you don't harm the public,like the Movement for Freedom of Information, done at least in the story related the the mental ill people.

The story have a twist,since not only the government ministry have a responsibility,of sharing other people information with NGO,knowing it will be publish,we can realized that's there is lasting impact against privacy in Israel.

Last week we have heard about the story of the Dog centre apps, which have been published here in the first time,and made the Minister of agriculture
agreed with the problem of the apps, and even consider of taken it down..

Now,back to our story, I can see how the project "100 days of Transparency" can be change to "100 days of protecting the privacy"...

I really hope that's this project of Tomer Avital will be a great story,I really like it.
Moreover,I will do my best to help the Movement for Freedom of Information,but I can't accept the idea of publishing private information like they did,with blaming others on the miss editing.

As the government as the NGO,they both did mistakes. Unlike the NGO the ministry of health took responsibility,while they refuse to do it,end even insist to keep the same process in the future.
Since it's contain many pages, I'm adding them now for the public review.

This page will be update later with more info.

To remind you, the ministry of health,as well as the NGO did  a bigger mistake not so long ago.

In my opinion,the Movement for Freedom of Information should double check any data they publishing,as well as the people who giving it to them,which is mostly government officials.

Sharing data with the public should have more privacy related rules,and  guarding the privacy of the public, should be integrated into the motivation of sharing all we knows about the Elected officials.

 Update 15:52 13.11.2014:

Answers from the NGO

09:23 AM
אמיתי שלום רב,
ראשית חשוב להבהיר שהתנועה מפרסמת מידע כמו שהוא נמסר לה. ללא כל שינוי, הוספה או גריעה.
שיקול הדעת כיצד למסור את המידע מצוי בידו של מוסר המידע, במקרה זה משרדו של בנט, על כן ממליצה לך לפנות אליהם ולהביע הסתייגותך מהאופן בו בחרו למסור את המידע.
רחלי אדרי, עו"ד
התנועה לחופש המידע

10:56 AM
כפי שאתה הצלחת להשיג אותנו בטוחה שמי שמחפש גם כן ימצא. לא מסובך, אנו זמינים לרוב בטלפון במשרד ובמייל הזה וכפי שאתה רואה עונים לכל פונה.
לגבי משרד הבריאות, המידע לא התפרסם, אנו הסבנו לכך את תשומת לב משרד הבריאות, וביקשנו מהם שישלחו רשימה חדשה ללא שמותיהם של חוסים. טרם קיבלנו רשימה כזו ולכן מכל רשימות הספקים שקיבלנו הרשימה של משרד הבריאות חסרה, על אף שנמצאת ברשותנו.
גם פה, הטעות הייתה של משרד הבריאות וכמו שכתבתי אילולא תשומת הלב שלנו היה נגרם עוול גדול מאוד לעשרות חוסים.

הנהלים שאנו עובדים לפיהם הם הוראות חוק חופש המידע ותו לא.
כמו שכתבתי לך במייל הקודם כל טענה על המידע שנשלח עליך להפנות למי ששלח את המידע.
למיטב הבנתי, לשכת בנט עובדת על רשימה חדשה כשזו תשלח אנו כמובן נעדכן, בינתיים לא קיבלנו כל פניה רשמית ממשרדו של בנט להסיר את המידע. 


רחלי אדרי, עו"ד
התנועה לחופש המידע 
המסלול האקדמי המכללה למנהל
ת.ד. 25073 ראשון לציון, מיקוד - 7502501
טלפון: 03-9560146 | פקס: 03-9560359 |


I found a lead to this story in Besheva,and after publishing, I saw one place who had something related to the problem ,this in Rotter.
If you have any leads, feel free to contact me.


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